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Learn more about Comparasino and how we help you find online casinos and bonuses

What is Comparasino

Comparasino launched in 2023 and is fast becoming the number one online casino comparison site for players in the UK.  

From day one we have done things differently. Unlike other comparison sites, we don’t rate or review online casinos or tell you where to play.

Instead, we provide the information and tools you need to compare casino sites based on the factors that matter most to you.

You decide where you want to play depending on whether the casino offers exactly what you’re looking for or not. This makes Comparasino truly independent and completely impartial.

But there’s more…

What makes us special

We know players spend hours searching for new online casinos or the latest bonuses – but that’s time that could be spent playing.

That’s where Comparasino is changing the game.

Once you’ve told us what you like, our smart recommendation engine generates a list of online casino sites matching your preferences and drops them into your own portal.

Each time we add a new casino that matches your preferences, it automatically gets added to your list. This means less time searching and more time playing.

Why trust Comparasino

We don’t rate or review online casinos and we don’t tell you where to play.

When you enter your preferences into our comparison engine, we present you with a list of sites that match those preferences.  

Your results are listed in date order based on when the online casino launched in the UK, with the newest coming first. We believe this is the fairest way to rank online casinos, and so that you can quickly see the latest casinos that match your preferences.

By using our free casino comparison tool, you can quickly discover the online casinos that provide the exact experience you’re looking for.

How to sign up to Comparasino

Creating a Comparasino account couldn’t be easier – we just need your name, email address and password.

Once signed up, simply tick three boxes to let us know what you look for in a casino and the welcome offer. If you want to refine your search, there are plenty more criteria for you to select from – this will really hone in on the casinos and bonuses that offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Every time you come back to Comparasino, you’ll find the latest matches in your dedicated lobby ready for you to sign up to.

This means less searching and more playing.

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How we decide which casinos to work with

We know that you want to compare as many online casinos as possible and we work hard to add hundreds of online casinos to our site every year.

But we also want to make sure the sites listed on Comparasino are reputable and trustworthy so that you have the best experience once you sign up, deposit and play.

That is why we only list casinos that hold an active Gambling Commission licence. If you wish to check a casino’s licence is active yourself, you can do this on the Gambling Commission’s register.

How Comparasino makes money

We make money when you sign up, deposit and play at any of the online casinos listed on Comparasino. We get paid a flat fee, a percentage of the revenue the casino makes from your play or a combination of the two.

Our website, information and comparison tools are completely free for you to use and the fee we get paid by a casino doesn’t affect where that casino ranks in your comparison results.

We always list casinos in date order based on when the casino first launched in the UK, with the newest online casinos coming first.

Choosing an online casino through us does not cost you any money and in some cases, you will be able to claim an exclusive bonus only available to Comparasino members.

The legal stuff

Comparasino is a registered trademark.

Comparasino owns all the copyrights to all content, including text, data, code (unless other specified), images and icons on the website.

An important word on responsible gambling

Online casino is fun and enjoyed by millions of people across the UK. But it’s important that it does stay fun and that you remain in control of your play. Because we only partner with UK-licenced online casinos, each of the brands listed on Comparasino offers the tools you need to do this.


But some of these tools might be unfamiliar and it can also be tough to determine if you, or a family member or friend, could potentially have a gambling problem. That’s why we’ve created a Safe Gaming Hub where you can find information about all the responsible gambling tools offered at online casinos, how they work and which ones might be best for you.


It also contains insights into some of the early signs of problem play to be aware of in yourself and others as well as direct access to charities and organisations that support those with problem gambling habits.

Head to the Safe Gaming Hub