Comparasino sat down with the Co-founder of the innovative Bitblox Games studio to learn more about how his company is bringing together the worlds of cryptocurrency and online casino 

The worlds of online casinos and cryptocurrency are set to collide at any moment now. While it is currently not permitted for a licensed online casino to accept Bitcoin payments and offer crypto-based games, such is the demand for these experiences that it won’t be long before the government and the Gambling Commission consider how to include it in their current frameworks. 

In the meantime, there are some great companies entering the space to bring truly unique games and products to the table. Bitblox Games is one of these companies, with its growing portfolio of Bitcoin prediction games offering plenty of fast-paced action. While these games are not yet available to players in the UK, we took the opportunity to sit down with Bitblox Co-founder and CEO, Brandt Page, to learn more about what the studio has in store. 

Bitblox is one of several new studios to hit the market in 2024. What makes you different and why should players be interested in the games you produce? 

​​Since we were granted our licence in May of this year, I think that we’ve really brought something new to the table for players. But unlike other game studios that look to develop new slots or crash games, we’re not offering a fresh twist on a tried and tested vertical – we want to deliver something players have never seen before. Bitblox is focused on creating enjoyable, engaging cryptocurrency prediction games. We wanted to make our games as easy to understand as possible. We know that the world of crypto and digital currency can be a bit overwhelming, so by developing simple games such as Up or Down? or 3 in a Row, we can help operators introduce their players to crypto-centred products.

Why do the worlds of crypto and online casino fit so well together? Some players will be hesitant about crypto – do your games help to overcome this? 

Our games definitely help to overcome this hesitancy! In the last few years, cryptocurrency has become much more prevalent – countries such as El Salvador have made Bitcoin a legal tender, while the US and UK are mulling over frameworks on how their economies will effectively use digital currencies going forward.

We’re starting to see cryptocurrencies become much more influential within the iGaming sector, too. I think that’s partly due to our industry’s focus on innovation, particularly within the online space. Using crypto can not only provide security, with transactions recorded on-chain, but it can also offer a degree of privacy for players that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with fiat.

The prices that we use within our games all come from an on-chain oracle, meaning that it is impossible for anyone to manipulate the value of Bitcoin. This, we believe, adds an additional layer of security for our players but also helps show the integrity of our games – thereby alleviating some of the apprehension that players might feel about crypto.

Our games don’t require an in-depth knowledge of how digital currencies work; players simply have to guess whether the value of Bitcoin will increase or decrease after either 20 or 60 seconds. Easy, right?

As a team, we often use the phrase ‘let players engage with crypto without having to touch it’, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. So, by combining cryptocurrency with a simple game concept, we believe we may have unlocked the secret to alleviating the hesitancy of cryptocurrency and engaging with these demographics of players.

Fast betting is in high demand. How do games such as 3 in a Row and Up and Down meet this demand? 

Fast betting has been super popular with Gen Z and Millennial bettors. At every industry conference, we seem to be discussing how best to engage with these audiences – and fast content seems to have had some success.

When we first launched Up or Down?, the game ran in 60-second intervals. But after extensive research and feedback from players, we decided to release Up or Down? Turbo, which speeds the game up to 20-second intervals. We found that Gen Z and Millennials were much more engaged with the faster-paced content.

Our 3 in a Row game adds an additional layer of anticipation to crypto prediction games, with players required to guess the right combination of price fluctuations over three sets of 20-second intervals. This title has been designed to visually look like a three-reel slot but with the gameplay of a bet builder. The fast pace, we believe, adds an extra layer of excitement and, ultimately, drives engagement.

Bitslap looks awesome. Can you quickly unbox this game for our readers? 

Sure! We’re very excited about the launch of Bitslap. We wanted to go with a name that was slightly cheeky but summed up the game pretty well.

The concept is really simple – like Up or Down? or 3 in a Row, it revolves around guessing whether the price of Bitcoin will go up or down. But this time, we have introduced a character – one represents a price increase, the other a decrease. The strength of each slap will be determined by the size of the price fluctuation; the greater the price change, the harder the slap.   

Your games are clearly different to standard slots. Can you talk us through some of the gameplay characteristics/mechanics and who they are aimed at? 

From a gameplay perspective, we are trying to make it as simple and engaging as possible. If we take Up or Down? as an example, players effectively follow the line fluctuating between green or pink. As we move into newer versions of the game, we will have a stylised line of the Bitcoin price. And then for BitSlap, players aren’t even watching the line go up or down, they’re focused on their characters who are slapping each other. Of course, their movements are based on the price of Bitcoin at the time.

The mechanics and characteristics of our games are very different to slots, but we still manage to encapsulate that engaging experience that slots can deliver to players. There’s a reason that slots are so successful; they create an engaging environment that gets players into a rhythm, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. 

In terms of who they are aimed at, I think this is really two-fold. Because while our games appeal a lot to the players who are interested in the crypto universe, they also appeal to those players who may not be as familiar with the mechanics of crypto. Our games are all about giving people fast-paced, easy to understand content. I think this could be a really effective tool for our operator partners to engage with more tech-savvy, Millennial and Gen Z audiences and then perhaps using that to cross-sell more traditional casino and sportsbook content.

How do players win when playing your games? 

It’s simple – they make a correct prediction. Our first raft of games are all about predicting the price of Bitcoin. Whether you’re playing the 20 second or 60 second game, or even 3 in a Row where you have to guess three predictions correctly, it’s quite easy.

What can we expect for Bitblox Games over the coming months? Will we see your games land in the lobbies of UK online casinos anytime soon?

We have big plans to deliver at least one new game every month for our players, so do stay tuned for those! Bitblox recently acquired an Isle of Man licence, so this certainly opens up a lot of new doors for us going forward. With the launch of 3 in a Row, Up or Down?, Up or Down? Turbo and Bitslap, we can’t wait to see how these games are received by players.


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