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Bonuses are one of the most important factors players consider when deciding whether to sign up to an online casino or not.


That’s why casinos offer a wide range of bonuses aimed at enticing players to their sites over those of their rivals – and this means there are plenty of offers for you to choose from.


But finding the right bonuses for you can be difficult. Some casino bonuses are aimed at high rollers, while others are for more casual players allowing them to try an online casino before they deposit and play with their own money.


Comparasino provides information about each type of online casino bonus (keep reading below for more insight) and also gives you the tools you need to filter through the hundreds of offers available to find the ones that provide the most value to your play.


Different types of online casino bonus in the UK

There really are a lot of different online casino bonus offers up for grabs. From deposit matches to free spins and cashback, casinos go to great lengths to encourage you to play at their sites.

But what’s the difference between bonus cash and a 200% deposit bonus? And which offers better value – no deposit free spins or free spins with no wagering requirements? Just to make things a bit more confusing, online casinos often combine two or more different bonus types in the welcome package they offer to new players.

Below, we look at the different types of bonuses offered by UK online casinos and explain how each works as well as how to determine the real value of the promotion.

Welcome Bonus

The bonus offered to encourage you to sign up and play. They usually consist of a deposit match and free spins, but can be just deposit matches, free spins or no deposit bonuses.

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First Deposit Bonus

This is very similar to the welcome bonus – the only difference is that you’re required to make a deposit to unlock the offer. The bonus is usually a deposit match, free spins or both.

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Deposit Match Bonus

This is when the casino matches the deposit you make by a certain percentage and up to a certain value. Deposit match percentages range from 100% all the way up to 500%.

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100% Deposit Bonus

This bonus lets you double your bankroll, with the casino matching your deposit. For example, the bonus offered could be a 100% deposit match up to £100 giving you £200 to play with.

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200% Deposit Bonus

A 200% deposit match bonus allows you to triple your bankroll. For example, if you deposited £100 the casino would give you £200 in bonus cash to take your total bankroll to £300.

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300% Deposit Bonus

A 300% deposit match bonus allows you to quadruple your bankroll. If you deposited £100 the casino would give you £300 in bonus cash to take your total bankroll to £400.

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400% Deposit Bonus

A 400% deposit match bonus sees the casino give you 4x your deposit in bonus cash. If you deposited £100 the casino would give you £400 in bonus cash to take your total bankroll to £500.

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500% Deposit Bonus

The casino gives you 5x your deposit in bonus cash. This means that if you deposited £100, the casino would give you £500 in bonus cash to take your total bankroll to £600.

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Free Spins Bonus

This bonus gives you a specific number of free spins on a slot or a selection of slot games. They are often combined with a deposit match as part of the online casino’s welcome offer.

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No Deposit Bonus

The casino gives you free bonus cash without requiring you to make a deposit first. This is a great way to try the casino before playing with your own money.

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No Deposit Free Spins Bonus

No deposit free spins are awarded on sign up and before you deposit and play with your own cash. It’s a great way to see what the online casino has to offer before loading your bankroll.

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Cashback Bonus

This bonus gives you a specific number of free spins on a slot or a selection of slot games. They are often combined with a deposit match as part of the online casino’s welcome offer.

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Casino bonuses and the T&Cs to be aware of

If something sounds too good to be true, then it often is. Unfortunately, the same applies to online casino bonuses. All offers come with terms and conditions which ultimately impact the value of the bonus you receive.

These are some of the key terms you should consider before claiming a bonus:

Minimum deposit - This is the smallest deposit you need to make to trigger the bonus. At most casinos, this will be between £10 and £20.

Win limits - Some bonuses will have limits on the amount you can win from the bonus. So even if you win more, the amount you can withdraw could be capped.

Max bet - The casino may impose a limit on the size of the bet you can place when using bonus cash or free spins.

Bonus expiration - Once you have claimed a bonus, you might find you have a set period of time to use it before it expires. This can be as little as seven days, but, usually, you have 30 days or more.

Restricted games - Some bonuses can only be played on specific games. This is often the case with free spins which are played on certain slots but can apply to table games and live dealer.

Wagering requirements - This is the big one. And because it’s so important, it has its own section below.

Wagering contributions - Some games contribute more to the wagering requirement than others. Slots tend to chip away the most so if you to play table games, it will take longer to clear.

Wagering requirement time limit - Casinos often set a time limit for you to complete the wagering requirement before the bonus and any winnings from it are forfeited.

Everything you need to know about wagering requirements

Understanding wagering requirements, or the playthrough requirement as it’s sometimes known, is essential if you’re to determine the true value of a bonus.

The wagering requirement is the number of times you have to wager the bonus amount or your winnings (this is usually the case with free spins) before you can withdraw the bonus amount or your winnings as cash.

Wagering requirements vary significantly. Low wagering casinos will impose playthrough requirements of between 10x and 30x, but they can be as high as 65x at some brands.

The good news is there are a growing number of UK online casino sites that impose no wagering requirements whatsoever – although the bonus value offered is usually much less, it’s your money to play with and withdraw as and when you want.

Calculating the wagering requirement – and the true value of the bonus being offered – is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do.   

  • Calculate the bonus amount claimed or your winnings from the bonus
  • Multiply this by the wagering requirement

This will give you the total amount you have to wager before you can unlock your bonus or winnings as cash.

How to calculate the wagering requirement

Still not sure how it works? Here’s an example:

You’re offered a 100% deposit match bonus up to £100 with a x30 wagering requirement on the bonus amount. You deposit £100 to claim the full £100 bonus match.

Bonus: £100
Wagering requirement: x30
Amount to be wagered: £100 x30 = £3,000

This doesn’t mean you have to deposit and lose £3,000, just that you need to cycle that value through the casino before you can unlock the bonus money as cash, or if the wagering requirement is applied to your winnings, your winnings as cash.

Can you realistically complete the wagering requirement?

You’re highly likely to lose money while completing the wagering requirement. The average online slot has a return to player of 96% so if you apply that to the £3,000 wagering requirement in the example above, you will, on average, lose £120.

In this scenario, you would actually be out of pocket by £20 as the bonus cash received only has a value of £100.

Of course, that’s just an average and it’s possible to complete wagering requirements while winning money and then also unlocking the bonus cash or bonus winnings. For some players, there’s a thrill in completing the wagering requirement.

Payment methods impact casino bonuses

It’s also worth pointing out that the payment method you use to deposit into the online casino can impact the bonus you receive. Some brands will not allow you to deposit with certain digital wallets such as Skrill and Neteller and claim the welcome bonus.

The good news is that our powerful recommendation engine allows you to find online casinos that allow you to deposit with the likes of Skrill and Neteller, and still claim the welcome bonus.

An important word on responsible gambling

Online casino is fun and enjoyed by millions of people across the UK. But it’s important that it does stay fun and that you remain in control of your play. Because we only partner with UK-licenced online casinos, each of the brands listed on Comparasino offers the tools you need to do this.


But some of these tools might be unfamiliar and it can also be tough to determine if you, or a family member or friend, could potentially have a gambling problem. That’s why we’ve created a Safe Gaming Hub where you can find information about all the responsible gambling tools offered at online casinos, how they work and which ones might be best for you.


It also contains insights into some of the early signs of problem play to be aware of in yourself and others as well as direct access to charities and organisations that support those with problem gambling habits.

Head to the Safe Gaming Hub