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If you’re looking for instant deposits and super fast payouts, TrueLayer casinos are for you.


Comparasino lets you browse and compare online casino sites that offer TrueLayer based on your preferences so that you can find the brands and bonuses that meet your requirements.

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TrueLayer is an innovative payments company that harnesses the power of open banking to facilitate lightning quick online casino payments.


Transactions literally take seconds and are safe and secure. Not only that, but you can also make deposits and still claim the generous welcome bonuses up for grabs.


Other upsides include no transaction fees at most online casinos and a seamless payments experience when playing on mobile.


This is why more and more casino and slot sites are now adding it to their cashiers as it helps them deliver the fast, secure deposits and withdrawals UK players now expect.

What is TrueLayer?

TrueLayer is a payment provider that uses open banking technology to provide the fastest payments possible while ensuring the highest levels of security.

Open banking simply refers to banks and financial institutions sharing data with approved, usually regulated, providers for them to access, use and share.

TrueLayer has access to this data and, with your permission, uses it to initiate payments between your bank account and the online casino you’re playing at in seconds.

The company is connected to hundreds of banks in the UK, so no matter who you bank with you can use it at any of the casinos that have added it to their cashier.

What are TrueLayer online casinos?

Easy. They are online casinos that hold an active licence from the Gambling Commission that have added TrueLayer to their cashiers.

It’s worth pointing out that you won’t see TrueLayer appear in the cashier – instead, it will be under “Instant Bank Transfer”.

Right now, only a handful of brands are TrueLayer casino sites, but because of the seamless payments experience it provides, it won’t be long before it’s available at the vast majority join the revolution.

Different types of TrueLayer casinos

There’s a nice selection of brands now offering instant banking, but each of these casinos provides a different experience that appeals to different players. It might be a new online casino or a mobile online casino, or it might have no wagering requirements on bonuses.

Here are some of the most common TrueLayer casino sites:


These are the latest casino sites to launch to players in the UK

New Casinos


Access these brands from your smartphone or tablet. 

Mobile Casinos

Small deposit

Play from as little as £10 at these casinos

Low Minimum Deposit Casinos

Live dealer

Explore a huge selection of live casino titles at these brands. 

Live Dealer Casinos

Low wagering

Complete a small wagering requirement to get your bonus winnings.

Low Wagering Casinos

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How does TrueLayer deliver instant payments?

Time to get a little technical.

TrueLayer can offer instant deposits and fast withdrawals because it runs on Faster Payments, the instant payment rail used in the UK.

What are payment rails, we hear you ask? It’s simply the infrastructure that allows money to be transferred from the person making the payment to the person receiving it.

Debit card providers such as Visa and Mastercard have their own payment rails, connecting your bank account to the bank account of the online casino you’re playing at.

What makes TrueLayer different is that it uses the Faster Payment rail which is considered the gold standard for making instant bank-to-bank transfers.

This means that when you make a deposit, it’s sent from your bank account to the online casino’s bank account instantly. The same happens when making a withdrawal – the payout is transferred from the casino’s bank account to your bank account instantly.

A quick word on payment security

While the speed of payments is important, you must also think about the security of the transactions being made between you and the casino.

TrueLayer is considered one of the most secure payment methods available. This is what TrueLayer VP of Gaming, Roberto Villani, told Comparasino about the levels of security it offers.

“By design, open banking benefits from security measures that help keep players safe. Casino operators don’t receive any account details when they initiate a payment, so there’s no risk of sensitive information being leaked. Instead, those details come pre-populated, mitigating the risk of human error.

“And open banking payments have common security features like strong customer authentication built in, so players can authenticate their deposits and payouts faster and more smoothly.”

You can read our full interview with Roberto here.

Why play at TrueLayer casino sites

These are just some of the reasons players are flocking to brands that offer instant banking via TrueLayer.

Instant deposits - top up your real money wagering account in seconds.

Instant payouts - get your winnings without delay.

High levels of privacy - the casino never has access to your personal info.

Mobile payments - deposit and withdraw easily from your smartphone.

No fees -  most casinos don’t charge fees when using TrueLayer.

No bonus limits - claim the welcome offer with instant banking.

Regulated - TrueLayer is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

How to make a TrueLayer casino deposit

This couldn’t be easier…

Once you have signed up to an online casino and claimed the bonus if you wish you’ll be prompted to make a deposit. This is what you’ll need to do

  1. Head to the cashier and find the Instant Banking option.
  2. Choose your bank from the options available.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  4. You’ll be taken to your mobile app to authorise the payment using biometrics.
  5. The payment will be processed, and funds added to your casino account instantly.
  6. You’re sent back to the casino to start playing.

How to make a TrueLayer casino withdrawal

This doesn’t take long – just follow these steps to get your winnings without delay.

  1. Head to the cashier and select “withdraw”.
  2. Instant Bank Transfer will already be selected.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw but just be mindful of any minimum withdrawal limits imposed by the casino.
  4. TrueLayer then processes the payment between the casino’s bank account and yours instantly.

Claim generous bonuses at TrueLayer casino sites

One of the biggest upsides to using TrueLayer and Instant Banking at online casinos is that you can deposit and still claim the welcome bonus – these are the most generous promotions run by online casinos.

These are some of the offers you can expect:

Alternatives to TrueLayer

To be honest, there isn’t really an alternative to TrueLayer.

If you’re looking for fast withdrawals, then it really is the best option available as it simply connects your bank account to that of the online casino.

There are other instant payment providers, such as Vyne, so if you want to compare more online casinos simply head to our Instant Banking Casinos page where you will find all casinos that offer instant payouts via TrueLayer, Vyne and other open banking providers.

How you can speed up payouts

  • While TrueLayer casino sites offer instant payouts, there are still a few things you can do to ensure you get your winnings without delay.
  • This includes:
  • ⭐️ Submit all requested documents and have your ID verified before requesting a payout.
  • ⭐️ If withdrawing bonus money, make sure you’ve completed the wagering requirement. 
  • ⭐️ Make sure the amount you request to withdraw is within the min and max limits set by the casino.
  • ⭐️ Request the withdrawal via the same payment method used to deposit. If you don’t you’ll likely have to speak to customer support.


An important word on responsible gambling

Online casino is fun and enjoyed by millions of people across the UK. But it’s important that it does stay fun and that you remain in control of your play. Because we only partner with UK-licenced online casinos, each of the brands listed on Comparasino offers the tools you need to do this.


But some of these tools might be unfamiliar and it can also be tough to determine if you, or a family member or friend, could potentially have a gambling problem. That’s why we’ve created a Safe Gaming Hub where you can find information about all the responsible gambling tools offered at online casinos, how they work and which ones might be best for you.


It also contains insights into some of the early signs of problem play to be aware of in yourself and others as well as direct access to charities and organisations that support those with problem gambling habits.

Head to the Safe Gaming Hub