Get to know the studios that create the games you love to play. In this instalment, we speak to Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps 

Gaming Corps is a Swedish studio that has recently made its move into the UK market. It currently has around 50 games in its portfolio, but is ramping up development to bring even more titles into the game lobbies of your favourite online casinos over the coming months. 

Alongside its blockbuster slots, the studio has a selection of non-traditional casino games including Plinko, Mine and a new smash mechanic that made its debut in the recently launched Piggy Smash.

To learn more about how the developer will bring new and exciting experiences to the UK online casino market, we spoke to Connor Blinman, Head of Games at Gaming Corps. 

Gaming Corps is new to the UK market. What can players expect from your games and how do they stand out from other titles in casino lobbies?

Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to chat with Comparasino! If I had to sum it up, you can expect a wide variety of content plus lots of player-centric experiences. 

There are more than 50 games in our portfolio, although that number is set to increase considerably as we plan to produce a minimum of one title per month for the rest of this year. 

We have a truly diverse product suite that encompasses a whole range of casino content – from slots and table games to Mine and Plinko games – there is something for everyone. This range and breadth of products is something that we believe not many other game providers have achieved.

The entire Gaming Corps team also ensures that with this wide range of content, we always put the player at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to understanding the players, their goals and preferences. This has shaped everything that we do.  

All of our games also feature unique mechanics, high-quality graphics and engaging narratives that help elevate the overall player experience. Our approach to making games is to ensure that each title has distinct gameplay features that set it apart from others in the market.

Tell us more about your latest release, Piggy Smash, and your trademarked Smash4Cash mechanic – how does it work, what experience does it offer to players, etc. 

It would be a pleasure. Piggy Smash is the latest release from Gaming Corps and is the first to feature the Smash4Cash™ mechanic. As the name suggests, Piggy Smash is centred around players using a hammer to try to smash different coloured piggy banks – with each different colour corresponding to a different feature/win. 

The Smash4Cash™ mechanic was largely inspired by Gaming Corps’ affinity for arcade-style games; they add that sense of nostalgia and familiarity that can be key to enjoying a new game. 

When brainstorming ideas for this mechanic, we wanted to create something that was simple and engaging, but also something that the online casino space hadn’t ever seen before. The way the game plays and the way the wins and features are awarded are not like anything else on the market.

Once we had developed Piggy Smash and were testing the game out, the name Smash4Cash™ came to us – it seemed to perfectly encapsulate how the mechanic worked.

Will you be launching other games using your Smash4Cash mechanic?

Absolutely! The next game in the Smash4Cash™ series will be “Rampage!”. Without giving too much away, “Rampage!” will follow a very clean, simple game design so as to not detract from the mechanic. I think that this stripped-back game design will really appeal to players who enjoy the more classic arcade-style games. 

Your portfolio has a nice mix of video slots and non-traditional games like Plinko. Are lotto/arcade games becoming more popular with UK players? Why?

We certainly believe that the non-traditional games are growing in popularity in all markets, but particularly the UK. Players are always on the lookout for something different and arcade games are definitely on the rise. With us recently obtaining our UK licence, we are bringing our portfolio of non-traditional games to lots of casinos and the interest in these games by casinos has been extremely positive. Especially with our Smash4Cash™ genre of games which are performing exceptionally well across all markets, we suspect that in the UK it will be a smash hit too.

What actually goes into making a blockbuster game? Do you know if a game will be a hit before it leaves your production line?

There are quite a lot of steps that go into this process. The first is to decide what product we want to create – that involves sitting down with our key stakeholders in the art and maths teams to hear some of their ideas. They always come up with some great concepts and find unique inspirations for our titles. Something that also plays an integral role in developing a new game is data – what has done well in the past and what can we do better in the future.

Collaboration with our commercial team is also vital to gain insights into our primary markets, ensuring alignment with player preferences and expectations.

Once we have this set in stone, we then get together to brainstorm the different features, mechanics and artistic direction that are going to take with our game. This collaborative effort forms the foundation of our game concept and informs the formulation of a comprehensive business strategy.

The next step is then working on the art concepts and the initial maths models. This all needs to be iterated and signed off before we start to get the game developers involved. The development process will highly depend on the product. Different genres have different timelines and milestone expectations but, nonetheless, we see anywhere from a month to six months from conception to release.

Key stakeholders then give their feedback on the game to ensure that it meets our business goals and the KPIs (key performance indicators) that we set out at the start. As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into coming up with a new title; it’s more than just coming up with an appealing design. 

When it comes to working out whether a game is going to be a hit, we draw upon our experience in global markets to determine player trends and preferences. We hope that our variety of content means that there is always something for every player to enjoy. 

How do you make sure that players are kept on the edge of their seats with each spin, especially in highly volatile games where wins don’t come often?

When a game has a high volatility math model, it is extremely important to keep a close eye on the feature frequencies as well as the overall design of the product. In order for players to stick around, they need to be very much aware of the overall win potential and that can usually be ensured by having features that are not too in-frequent so that the potential can be observed. But further to this, the overall design of the product must be absolutely flawless. The art and animations must be crisp, the sound design must be exceptional and, most importantly, the overall polish of the game should be second to none.

If a player has not experienced one of your games yet, which should they try first and why?

This is quite a tricky question because I think that all of our games are a must-try! But if I had to pick just one, it would be Wild Woof. This has always been a favourite of mine. 

Wild Woof is a slot game that features a progressive multiplier free spins mechanic, not to mention quite a fun narrative and art style that pairs cats and dogs with the Wild West. What’s not to love?

What I will say is that the Gaming Corps’ portfolio is now so broad, with titles covering tables, slots, crash, mines and even Plinko products, so there is certainly a game to cater to every player’s individual tastes.


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